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    In the best selling book “How To Build a Billion Dollar App”​ George Berkowski says that the change an person brought when coming in as Interim VP Engineering at Hailo was “truly amazing”​ and “we started to feel like we were firing on all cylinders”.

    • Created a high performing Technology team that executed brilliantly.
    • Re-platformed to a modern, global, scalable micro-services based architecture.


    [su_heading]George Berkowski Head Of Product[/su_heading]

  • Client testimonial easyfundraising

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    “ spent 3 days with our business at the start of 2016. In these 3 days alone the interim managed to get under the skin of our business, understand our people, our business challenges/opportunities and ultimately help us with defining our tech strategy for the next 12 months and beyond”.

    • Deep dive on tech and people state-of-play.
    • Detailed big picture and detailed technical recommendations.


    [su_heading]Michael Miller Ops Director[/su_heading]

  • BroadBandChoices testimonial

    Client testimonial broadbandchoices

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    “Our interim CTO had great vision and blended this with his experience of leading people and transforming technology architecture to add business value”.

    Key Benefits:
    • Execution went up through the gears.
    • Brought in and handed over to FTE CTO.

    [su_heading]Michael Phillips Founder and CEO[/su_heading]

  • Client testimonial comparethegame

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    “After searching for a few months found me the perfect person to help Compare the game. The service has been fantastic and eliminated all the hassle. I would definitely recommend them….”

    Key Benefits:
    • Significantly increased traffic.
    • Significantly increased revenue.

    [su_heading]Ritchie Williamson, Founder & CEO[/su_heading]

  • Client testimonial Gamesys

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    “I’m really impressed with our person. He is a very likeable guy, he has built great relationships and has earned respect from both hands-on technical and board members – which is not easy to do..”


    [su_heading]Phill Graham, CTO[/su_heading]

  • Client testimonial Blow Ltd

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    “ have been absolutely essential is helping us make smart, fast and pragmatic decisions from architecture, product development & shipping process, through to very executional projects such as first steps growth hacking & local SEO optimisation. We like the fact that we can access a portfolio of experts who act as interim management, when we need them and that each engagement is practical, results & execution orientated”


    [su_heading]Dharmash Mistry, Founder & CEO[/su_heading]

  • Client testimonial FanDuel

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    “ helped bring urgency, clarity and delivery to one of our business critical initiatives working *with* us not *for* us. I would definitely recommend them.”


    [su_heading]Robin Spira, CTO[/su_heading]

  • Client testimonial Xanadu

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    “The member worked with our team to bring clarity to urgent issues and supported the team, built a roadmap and plan to deliver results efficiently. We experienced a definite change as a the result of involvement. I will definitely recommend and re-use them in the future”


    [su_heading]Marvin Sanderson, CTO[/su_heading]

  • Client testimonial Verisure

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    “ have made a major contribution quickly, helping us to drive forward our strategically critical transformation programme with pace and urgency.  Their style of working is very refreshing – they give clear direction and provide sound advice while working closely with the teams and driving cross-team collaboration.  I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone wanting to make change really happen in their organisation.”

    [su_heading]Gatien Gillon Director of Group Product Management[/su_heading]

  • Client testimonial CompareTheMarket

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 helped establish a broader understanding of the crucial role that WebOps plays in CompareTheMarket’s success. In particular helping us up our game in terms of monitoring and alerting, through the use of SMART monitoring and PagerDuty. They also brought a really helpful perspective from previous companies like Betfair and Hailo in the operation of SOA/micro-services…”

    James Lomas IT Director

  • Client testimonial Camelot

    Hire Us have been brilliant. They have really helped us iterate our strategy towards one delivering both tactical improvements and big picture strategic shifts. I would definitely recommend them.”

    [su_heading]Lucy Walker Head Of IT, Facilities and Finance [/su_heading]

  • Client testimonial Sportdec

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    “On behalf of the team here at I want to personally thank for the amazing impact you had in just a few hours in this office. I appreciate you giving credit to the development team for arriving at the deliverable MVP, but in all honesty we would never have arrived at this point had it not been for your intervention.”

    [su_heading]Jessica Sachs Head of Product and Operations Sportdec [/su_heading]

  • Client testimonial Monitise

    Hire Us carried out a brief engagement which helped us formulate our plans. I would wholeheartedly recommend them”

    [su_heading]Lee Cameron CEO Monitise [/su_heading]

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