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Rorie Devine

Founder and CEO

0800 246 5735

Rorie is the only person to have featured on the cover of CIO Magazine twice, has been awarded “IT Leader Of The Year” by Computing Magazine and is featured in the book “How To Build a Billion Dollar App” saying that the change he brought when coming in as an Interim was “truly amazing” and “we started to feel like we were firing on all cylinders.”

Rorie was recently described as “one of the best business technologists in the country” but doesn’t take himself too seriously and understands that it’s all about getting results..quickly.

Deliver early and iterate

Loana Wurzel

Chief Talent Officer and Chief Operating Officer

0800 246 5735

Loana is a real people person who loves interacting with people and placing the right people in the right role to make them successful

Loana likes to make a real difference…and she normally does just that…

Strive to excel

Ned Hasovic

Interim CTO

Ned has worked internationally and has held C-level leadership positions in big corps, fast growing Fin-Techs, On-demand Startups, leading established fashion E-Commerce companies.

Ned derives accomplishment from maximising the impact from tech talent by creating great platforms and frameworks as well as helping to foster brilliant cultures.

Keep it simple

Dawn Key

Strategic HR Partner

A business focused commercially minded HR Director with extensive international experience and a proven track record of strategic and operational success within HR Management.

People matter! Often they are THE source of competitive advantage….

Nurture your talent

Phil Webster

COO/Operations Director/Expert

Phil fully
understands the relationship between People, Process and Technology and how to fine
tune them to ensure operations deliver business objectives.

Phil has gained huge expertise in business operations in
regulated environments (FCA, KYC, DPA/GDPR) having held a variety of roles in
companies including Experian, Equifax, Atos IT and Thomson Reuters.

Get the People Process and Technology right

Suraj Bithal

Interim Head of IT Transformation

Suraj has worked Globally and has held Senior IT leadership positions at
companies including Lehman Brothers.

Suraj understands that Transformational Leadership is not just about
IT , but also Business Change.

Transformation and delivery

Natasha Homer Early

Growth Hacker ( CEO/COO/CCO/CPO)

Natasha has been CXO of 6 Startups in the Fintech & iGaming space @ $250m turnover
+ held leadership roles in Nokia, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, O2 Telefonica, BT Wireless.

She has worked with a huge range of brands to scale online : Babylonhealth, WhatsApp, Pokerstars, FullTilt, Zynga, Gameloft, King, MSN, Habbo Hotel, Bwin,
Unibet, EA, NC Soft, Partygaming, Warner Music, Universal Music, HSBC, Tesco,
Arcadia Group, HBO, Turner Networks, Lastminute. QXL, BBC etc..

Creativity to achieve growth!

Alex Manning


Alex is an individual who understands people as well as he understands technology. He has an inclusive management style which quickly galvanises teams to push through change.

He achieves transformation in technology, processes and culture by winning the positive cooperation of stakeholders and by using industry best practice.

It’s all about the people

Shannon Maher


Shannon is an MIT graduate and has run Engineering teams for Google in London, Zurich and California.

He also recently won Best Web Site, Best App, and Best Development Group awards.

Impact from innovation

Ritchie Williamson

Entrepreneur & Growth Hacker

Ritchie founded and quickly growth hacked it to 1 million visitors per month

Ritchie has been there and done it

Grow, grow, then grow some more…

Asher Glynn

Technology Architect and Leader

Asher has deep understanding and experience in distributed systems, scaling problems and performance challenges.

He believes technology change must be accompanied by organisational change at a pace that is appropriate to the people and personalities involved.

Scaling using simplicity

Gideon Gluckman

Software QA Leader

Gideon is focused on agile transformation and craftily lean processes in the field of QA in particular.

Gideon Gluckman is an internationally experienced software engineering professional with a focus on Quality Assurance, Agile Transformation and Team Building. He brings an empirical and pragmatic approach to solving problems in any of these domains, combining technical knowledge with communication and managerial skills.

Automate Automate Automate

Kevin Buckley

Interim Director CEO MD Leader

Kevin is an experienced executive with a background in international general
management, sales and marketing, product development and innovation

Kevin is very people oriented and
equally at home motivating high performance management teams as he is
engaging with staff throughout an organisation.

Vision + Delivery

Roy Fuscone

Innovation and Growth

Great knowledge of Intellectual Property Rights, and their management. Experienced as Coach, Consultant, Director and Chairman.

A proactive approach and successful experience advising SMEs on commercialisation of new ideas/IP/technology; and leading cross-functional project teams, from the Innovation Funnel to Commercialised Products.

Turning innovation into profit…

Carrie Birmingham

Crisis HR | Transformation with People | Facilitator

Carrie has held various leadership HR positions lately as HR
Director for The Sun.

Carrie has passion, honesty, resourcefulness, insight
and an ability to see the potential positives in even the most
challenging of situations.

Company and human potential are entwined

Mark Parsonage

Head Of/CXO/Programme Director

Mark is one of’s rising stars. He has led digital transformation at numerous challenging organisations such as Yell and BT and recently successfully completed a cloud migration for BT. He ran Yell Labs and produced many ground breaking products and services.

Rorie publicly publicly complimented Mark’s work leading a difficult digital transformation at Yell here.

Sell don’t tell..unless you have to.

Howard Rubenstein


Howard is unique and special…a very business focused lawyer and head of operations!

There aren’t many people in the world like Howard…a lovely guy who is also great at governance, law and operations…who would have thunk it was possible?

I’m on your side

Raj Shah

Interim CISO

Raj has over fifteen years’ experience in information and cyber security

Raj has
provided strategic security direction for companies operating in a multitude of sectors
including Telecoms, IT, Legal, Banking, Finance and Govt.

James Maidment

Software Architect, Head of Development

James has over 15 years’ experience leading successful development teams in demanding environments.

James was technical head of outsourced development for Betfair before joining Geonomics as a founding staff member

On shore and off shore both have their place…

Katz Kiely

Chief Transformation/ Innovation/ Digital Officer

A award-winning board leader who specialises in open-innovation,
participatory cultures and digital communications.

Katz has led large
scale digital transformation projects for some of the world’s most
complex and risk averse organisations

Let’s turn big ideas into reality

Nimrod Cohen

Interim IT Leader ¦ CTO I CIO | IT Director | Head of IT | Strategy & Architecture

0800 246 5735

Nimrod is a commercially driven, versatile and flexible, technology leader and
creator of the “Viper” technology hub.

Proficient innovator with significant
in-depth experience of operations, strategy and architecture, service delivery,
and security domains.

Let’s exceed expectations…

Artur Grabowski

Technologist, Futurist and Evangelist

Artur has exceptional experience in leading technical innovation using world class solutions, managing and mentoring teams of Engineers and DevOps people.

Artur is a DevOps guru, loves to lead change and has a great track record deploying solutions in the software, security and AI areas.

The future is already here

Chris Hoolihan

Micro Services DevOps Cassandra Google Cloud AWS Architect

Chris has been practicing the kung-fu of elegant technology-platform design for many years.

Chris’s core philosophies are resilience without gross
inefficiency,self-healing systems, intelligent monitoring and alerting,
reliable automation and that systems can be beautiful!

Systems can be beautiful!

Keith Batterham

Change Agent and Growth Hacker

Keith has successfully delivered all facets of IT enabled business
transformation across multiple sectors and countries.

astute but pragmatic, Keith exposes clients to the art of the possible using
Agile and continual improvement methods.

Delivering elegant solutions

Anthony Anderson

Agile Product Leader

An experienced Product leader passionate about leading businesses and full stack teams to create user-centric products focused on customer feedback and data analysis.

Specialist at integrating lean product, design, marketing, engineering and data together to deliver amazing apps, services and experiences.

Agile Product Leadership

Pascal Moyon

Interim CDO CMO, Marketing and Data Ninja

Pascal enjoys and thrives at turning his clients into digital leaders by putting
the customer at the center of their organisation and embracing effective and
pragmatic data and digital techniques.

He recently helped a family business through a spectacular turnaround in a
very competitive market.

A Rock Star of Analytics!


Great NPS results..



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