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September 26, 2017
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TEDx: Innovating the Impossible

TEDx: Innovating the Impossible

As a strategic Chief Technology Officer I’ve seen individuals, education and industry limit how they think about innovation, thereby limiting their potential potential for growth, success and revenue. So, I delivered my TEDx talk, “Innovating the Impossible” to help change that thinking.

Vertical innovation can advance sectors, but additional dimensions of innovation can make the impossible happen.

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The full-length feature on “TEDx: Innovating the Impossible” was first published on with a special version for Innovate UK’s Open Competition.

Maria Ingold is a technical and strategic innovator and CTO specialising in emerging visual technology (including Video On Demand (VOD) and Virtual Reality). She has a 25-year track record delivering increased ROI and profitable film, TV, games and digital media products and services. She is also a global public speaker and a TV and film judge for BAFTA.